June 30, 2018

This week was great. We had a wonderful guess named Mrs. Bishop. She stared a photography business in 2010. My biggest take from Mrs. Bishop is Success when opportunity meets preparation. Saturday was awesome. We got to present websites we made for other small businesses. I worked in a group of three to create the website. I worked with Noriana and Jamia, our group name is called Trio. We made the website for a wonderful company called Teach2Play created by Joyce Renee Jones. It is a child development consulting company looking to improve local daycare centers. I feel I did great presenting the website to Mrs. Jones. I’m so happy that I’m getting better at talking in front of people.



  1. I really love your website. It is so cute and colorful and makes me feel happy! You’re so quiet but you seem very nice and a cool person to hang with. 🙂

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